"When a man really desires a

thing so deeply that he is willing

to stake his entire future

on a single turn of the wheel

in order to get it,

he is sure to win."





Joseph Genovese, P.K.A Genovese is a native of Yonkers, NY. In High School he started writing music, uncovering a talent that would make history. In the mid nineties, Genovese became a household name in the mixtape hip-hop scene. His street anthem "Genovese's Thesis", featuring Styles P left a mark on the rap game. In 1999, Genovese became the first Italian/American hip-hop artist to sign a major record label, inking a partnership with Universal Records. Through his career as an artist he's worked with talent such as:
Nas | Notorious BIG | Swizz Beatz | Jermaine Dupri | DMX | The Outlawz | Rodney Jerkins | DJ Clark Kent | DJ Kid Capri, and many more.

His catalog of music has been featured on television shows on the MTV Network such as, "Son of a Gun", "True Life", and "Moving In".

A staple in the Hip-Hop community, Genovese still writes, records, and produces music through his indie label, VFL Enterprises. 

Geno is also involved in endeavors such as:

*Managing and consulting talent in the Sports, and Entertainment business.

*Founder of Never Follow Trends, a unique clothing brand that is dedicated to the authentic, and trendsetters. 

*A proud volunteer, most recently at School on Wheels program in the Skid Row section of Los Angeles, tutoring and mentoring homeless children. My "Music Saves Kids Lives" fundraiser provided a Music Program for children at the Skid Row Learning Center.


Vacation For Life Enterprises represents talent in the Sports & Entertainment business. With over 15 plus years of experience in management and consulting. VFL has the ability to help artists and companies in all facets of business. I also offer various services through our extensive network of partners. 

Social Media Marketing: Website Building, SEO, PPC, Corporate Identity.

Mobile App Development: Designing and Programming.

Sports: Scouting, Coaching, Agent, Training.

Some of my clients include:

Chris Camaj (actor/producer)

Tony Hooks (DJ/producer)

Tommy Zukoski (Consultant/Mentor)

MGD (producer)

Blacksmith Beats (producers)



All business inquiries: 213.465.0835 |

Today, November 16th, 2016, I'm releasing something I'm truly proud of. My daughter, Alessia inspires me everyday. In saying that, I wrote a fun, hip-hop, short story for children, entitled, "I Just Want To Play". It's a day in the life Melissa and I, raising our child.

As parents, we all know how important playing is to our children. Whether it's 7am, or 7pm, Alessia tells me, "Daddy play". So this book is for all my friends and family who are parents with a small child. I hope you enjoy reading it to your little one, and also have fun listening to the few words I rap at the start of the book. Hopefully your kids will be able to sing along to it! Music courtesy of my good friend, Tony Hooks.

Thank you to every one who asked me to do something like this, you definitely helped in the process! 

P.S - It's only .99 cents!